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Treachery, Murder, and Revenge in Texas

At a chance encounter at his wife's gravesite, attorney Frank McNamara meets the survivors of a Latino family who claim that his great-grandfather stole their land and murdered their relatives to cover up the theft. He learns that in 1948, the Cortez and Kilgore families had co-existed peacefully in a Dallas neighborhood until a mysterious family feud erupted, resulting in the slaughter of six people.

In this fast-paced literary thriller, Frank vows to make amends, but on the trail of the truth, he becomes enmeshed in a minefield of treachery and murder. He must overcome avaricious real estate developers, mob hit men, and even the boss of his own law firm to accomplish the task. Can he see justice done and retain his integrity, without compromising his legal duties to uphold the law and preserve his clients’ secrets?

Frank’s life and those of his son and the woman he loves hang in the balance as he doggedly strives to shatter the “Kilgore Curse.”

  The Kilgore Curse - A Novel
by Larry Pivnick

The Kilgore Curse Book

$15.95 ($10 discount off original retail of $25.95) — Hardcover, 328 pages

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